How Burger King''s Moldy Whopper Campaign Won People Over With Their Unfavorable Visuals

02 June, 2021 (Wednesday)

When Burger King released a new campaign last year, it took everyone by surprise. The ''Moldy-Whopper" campaign was Burger King's PSA of their decision to ditch artificial ingredients in its burgers. Instead of sticking to a conventionally attractive campaign of their decision to avoid any artificial ingredients, they adopted an unconventional strategy through disruptive advertising.
The campaign shows a Whopper's lapse in time for 34 days which eventually ends up covered in different kinds of mold to prove their point that their meals don't have any artificial preservatives anymore.

What worked for the campaign was the shock value. The juxtaposition of the unfavorable disposition of the whopper with pleasant information had a tremendous emotional effect on viewers and caused great internal conflicts between people. The spectators recognized the campaign as unappetizing and disagreeable yet in the coming days, Burger King's sales increased rapidly. Many felt comforted amidst the shocking visuals, knowing that their food would no longer contain any artificial preservatives.