Heinz Is Taking It Slow With Traffic

04 June, 2021 (Friday)

Summer's a time where no one likes to be stuck at home, everyone's always out and about. And with the pandemic easing things off in some countries, quite possibly no one can be found at home. Which only means one thing: incessant traffic. But Heinz has got you covered.

In a partnership with the navigation app Waze and Burger King, Heinz has introduced 'Heinz Bottleneck' - a feature that gifts users with a free Burger King whopper and Heinz ketchup whenever they're met with traffic as slow as the effluence of Heinz's ketchup. 

According to Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation, Kraft Heinz Canada, "Surprisingly, many people don’t know that Heinz pours out of our glass bottle at 0.045 kilometers per hour. And with more Canadians potentially on the road this summer whether within their own cities or for weekend getaways, traffic is going to a pain point we all may need to get used to again. We want to help our fans see that going slow isn’t always a bad thing and reward them with the delicious, iconically slow-pouring Heinz Ketchup for those terrible traffic jams"

Thus through Waze, Heinz will identify drivers stuck in heavy traffic and serve them ads featuring redemption details for a free bottle of ketchup and an Impossible Whopper from Burger King. Canadian users can avail of the promotion currently and would last till the 4th of July.