Galaxy x BTS Campaign Is Changing How The World Views Collaborations

20 April, 2021 (Tuesday)

Samsung and the mega-popular boy band Bangtan Boys – better known as BTS – have been collaborating on promoting the company’s devices for the better part of last year. 

Despite the partnership being a simple partnership between a company and a celebrity (or group), the Galaxy x BTS partnership has been anything but. After a couple of the promos hit social media, Samsung came up with a limited-edition Android flagship, an equally unique pair of wireless earbuds, tens of thousands of pre-orders, all of which resulted in countless social media records getting broken again and again.

From there, BTS featured in several commercials for Samsung in their Galaxy x BTS campaign. The first of many commercials featured Jin and Jungkook in a battle for a Galaxy phone in a tailor shop.  The two were seen reviewing the smartphones in their own way in a meticulously choreographed battle which left fans and users highly entertained. 

The second commercial in Galaxy x BTS featured Suga, J-Hope, and V wherein they used the different features of the phone in a baking setting. They highlighted the microphone control, zoom speed control, and the feature of auto straighten. 

The third commercial in the campaign featured RM and Jimin formulating the perfect equation for perfumes. They highlighted Samsung's new tool 'DeBox' and the new various colors the phones come in under. 

Though these commercials seem just like any other commercial, what's different is the influence the band has had on the viewers of these particular commercials. After the release of the campaign, Samsung Galaxy's devices were sold out in an hour in South Korea alone and the campaign gained a lot of traction on social media so much so that the Galaxy Launch of the smartphone garnered 57 million views, more than the population of South Korea.