Diesel’s New Smartwatches Come with Superpowers

09 September, 2020 (Wednesday)

Over the years, as technology has evolved, so has our dependence on it. However, in the last decade, technology has been growing at an astounding pace with all our gadgets getting more personalised and way smarter than ever before. Gadgets like hand watches which were worn only as an accessory before have now evolved into smartwatches which are truly versatile devices

Diesel recently launched its new Diesel On Fadelite smartwatch with a new ad campaign which draws parallels between the fascinating features of the smartwatch and superpowers. The ads show people using powers like teleportation, superspeed and telekinesis to highlight the super abilities of the watch like heart rate monitor, GPS, voice control and digital payments establishing the new watch as a truly complete device.  The idea behind these ads created by Publicis is to show that people with the new Diesel smartwatch are like super-powered humans and they can deal with daily problems like an inattentive waiter, frustrating traffic jams and locked elevators in better ways. The Ads end with the brand statement— For a Successful Living.