Coors Light Gives you the Chance to Win a Trip to a Beautiful Day

02 September, 2020 (Wednesday)

It has been a long sluggish year and people are yearning for a good vacation to lose themselves in the lush arms of mother nature. The reality that people are living right now is quite the contrary with long meetings at home with nary a chance to step out of their houses. As things are slowly beginning to resume, Coors light came up with a campaign called ‘What a Beautiful Day’ to raise people’s spirits in this mundane year.

The ad film for this campaign, created by the agency DDB shows a man being completely indifferent to what is happening around him as he holds a can of Coors Light, merrily sings about how beautiful the day is, and loses himself in mother nature. In truth, however, he has dozed off during an office conference call and is dreaming about going on a nice adventurous trip. The ad then announces that Coors Light is offering a chance to win a trip to our favourite holiday location and asks people to register for the contest. The ad manages to be hilarious and relatable at the same time. Check it out