Burger King Tries to Tackle Global Warming With a Diet Plan for Animals

31 July, 2020 (Friday)

Global Warming has raised serious concerns among many meat consumers since the meat industry is a major cause for greenhouse gases. Livestock animals like cows release large quantities of methane that traps the sun’s heat and can contribute to nearly 15% of the global greenhouse gas emissions with about 4% coming from the livestock in the US alone.

To tackle this and make food sustainable, Burger King teamed up with leading scientists to develop a new lemon grass-based diet for cows which have proven to reduce the methane emissions from cows by up to 33% during their final three to four months according to preliminary tests. Burger King further urges meat suppliers, farmers and other brands to aid them in this quest to reduce methane emissions on a larger scale to make a global impact.

These reduced emission burgers were available in select Burger King outlets in Miami, New York, LA, Austin and Portland since the 14th of July. The ad for the same, created by We Believers shows a group of children singing country songs about the innovative diet for animals and how it can help in reducing global warming. They also made an instructions video on what to feed cows with steps for farmers to follow encouraging others to aid them in this cause. 

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