Burger King Makes Everyone Feel Uncomfortable With Their New Campaign

03 June, 2021 (Thursday)

Ever since Covid-19 struck us, the world has become unprecedented. Socialization has changed from what it was. What would be a mere stroll in the park, shopping during sales season, or even going to a mildly busy restaurant is scary and we're overcome with paranoia with thoughts of contracting the virus.
When it comes to the world of fast foods and restaurants, Delivery and Take-Aways have become the norm. Dining in is no longer is a feasible option for mankind till now.

Amidst the fear of crowds, Burger King Brazil launched a prank poster campaign that definitely revisited our anxieties.

Created by David Madrid, these campaign poster features images of crowded Burger King franchises with people queued up in long lines waiting to order - without maintaining any social distance of wearing masks. These pictures were taken from a pre-Covid era where masks and social distancing were yet to be a mandatory requirement.
These claustrophobic posters created a sense of discomfort and unease. Through everyone's heightened anxiety, Burger King wanted to promote their message of ordering food through drive-thrus for a safer and contactless experience.

The poster campaign will run in newspapers and digital media for a two-week period in Brazil beginning from May 28.