Budweiser Partners Up with Lionel Messi to Kick-Off the New Season in High Spirits

16 September, 2020 (Wednesday)

The new football season has just kicked-off and Budweiser 0.0 announced a new partnership with Argentine football legend Lionel Messi and launched a new ad campaign called ‘Be a King’. The brand creates a montage of Messi’s iconic journey towards greatness and around all the controversy that recently surrounded the player. The message is that life can be quite a bumpy journey but true legends never give up on greatness.

The ad film teases a soon to be launched limited-edition Messi bottle that reflects the core values of both Messi and the brand. It is an ode to the player’s relentless pursuit of his ambitions and the unending determination to be the best at what he does that led him to the top. The brand has followed its own rigorous path commitment to the craft of brewing for over 140 years and shares a similar journey many ways, and the ad draws a parallel between Messi and itself by comparing both to kings. Check it out.

Lionel Messi said, “I’m excited to partner with Budweiser to share my journey that was based on a determination to be the best player I can be. Day after day, year after year, it took sacrifice and hard work to reach my dreams. Hopefully, fans around the world will find inspiration in my story to commit to their craft and never give up on greatness, no matter how hard the journey.”

Speaking about the partnership, Global VP of Budweiser Steve Arkley said “Lionel Messi is a true icon and role model of his generation and for generations to come. His dedication and commitment to his craft reflect the same self-belief that has led Budweiser to become the King of Beers. We look forward to working together as partners to continue delivering on our ambition, reminding football fans worldwide that greatness is a journey that is worth the effort and determination.”