Zomato faced severe backlash after CEO Deepinder Goyal announced the launch of a “Pure Veg Mode” service to cater to customers who have a vegetarian dietary preference,

Goyal explained the necessity of establishing a separate fleet for vegetarian deliveries, citing instances where food spills resulted in the aroma lingering and affecting subsequent orders. Because of that, this feature exclusively displays restaurants offering vegetarian cuisine. Moreover, orders placed through this mode will be handled by Zomato’s specialised “Pure Veg Fleet,” identifiable by their distinctive green attire and delivery boxes.

Public Reaction:

Zomato’s announcement made headlines across the country and sparked a heated debate on social media. Many people voiced concerns about the potential for division and discrimination arising from the segregation of delivery executives based on dietary preferences.

The use of statistics have provoked even more controversy and anger. While Goyal claimed that India has the largest percentage of vegetarians globally, internet users questioned the truth of his argument, highlighting how more than half of India’s population identifies as non-vegetarian.

Even Congress MP Karti Chidambaram raised concerns about potential discrimination based on delivery personnel’s dietary choices.

Goyal’s Response:

n response to the uproar following the launch of Zomato’s ‘Pure Veg Mode’ and ‘Pure Veg Fleet,’ Gopal addressed the situation and pledged to retract the scheme if it continued to generate “significant negative social repercussions.”

Just a day later, on Wednesday, Goyal announced a significant update to Zomato’s terms. From then on, all riders, regardless of their assignment to the regular fleet or the ‘Pure Veg Fleet,’ would don the color red. This decision came in the wake of intense online criticism.

Zomato thus intends to strike a balance between their goals and audience demands.