“Zomato delivers choices.”

Online food delivery app Zomato have announced that its female delivery partners now have the option to wear kurtas instead of the standard Zomato t-shirts as a part of their uniforms.

This decision comes on the heels of International Women’s Day and was prompted by feedback from numerous female employees who expressed¬†discomfort with western-style Zomato t-shirts.

Taking to social media, Zomato posted a video featuring several Zomato delivery women trying on the new kurtas offered by the company and participating in what appeared to be a celebratory photoshoot. The video seamlessly captured their expressions of gratitude and approval for the company’s sensitive gesture. After wearing the kurta, one of the delighted women said, “Pocket bhi hain¬†(It has pockets too).”


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Zomato’s decision garnered positive approval by netizens, who were surprised but thrilled with this new development. “I have started loving this brand more and more, not just because of their service, but because of their thoughts and culture,” a user said. “Thanks, Zomato, for creating opportunities for people and saving thousands of lives,” another person complimented. Many also pointed out Zomato’s consideration for its employees: “Such a great initiative to encourage a nurturing and caring workspace for all.”

Though most of the comments were positive, some users raised other issues. “Yaa, now pay them better. Performative feminism can only take you so far,” one user wrote.

The video now has over 267k views on Instagram, making it one of Zomato’s most-watched reels.