The world’s first AI pageant is here.

Traditional beauty pageantry is crossing into the world of AI creators for an epic first-ever “Miss AI” beauty pageant – aka the “World AI Creator Awards”.

Launching almost 200 years after the first beauty pageant took place, this contest gives AI models and influencers the chance to complete and win the prize money $20,000. It has been launched in partnership with Fanvue, a subscription platform that allows AI content and combines different AI content to increase your earnings.

The key criteria for applying is that the creation must be “100% AI generated”. As a creator, you must be over 18 years old, be the creator behind a model, and have a social media presence. Beyond this, however, the World AI Creator Awards has no restriction on who can and can’t apply. Moreover, you can use any tools and generators as you wish.

Contestants will be judged on the basis of their beauty, tech and social clout. The AI influencers’ social clout specifically will be assessed based on their engagement numbers with fans, rate of growth, and utilization of various platforms.

The contestants will go head-to-head for a panel of four judges. Two of them are AI generated: Aitana Lopez from Spain with more than 300,000 followers; and Emily Pellegrini with over 250,000 followers on Instagram. However, the other two are human: Andrew Bloch, an entrepreneur and PR adviser; and Sally-Ann Fawcett, a beauty pageant historian and author of the book “Misdemeanours: Beauty Queen Scandal”.

The winners will be announced on May 10, with an online awards ceremony set to take place later in the month.

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