Twitter has exploded with hilarious memes after Elon Musk changed its logo from a blue bird to “X”.

Twitter has been officially rebranded. The iconic blue bird that has symbolized the social media platform since its 2006 inception has been unceremoniously taken down and replaced with a giant “X”.

Musk announced the potential change on Sunday, informing Twitter users that this change would be made in less than a day. Having already rebranded Twitter’s parent company as the “X Corporation”, Musk is evidently working towards creating an “X, the everything app.”

However, while Musk appears to be confident in his decision, the majority of Twitter users have found this new change ridiculous. Twitter has been flooded with humorous X-themed memes, hashtags and comments making fun of this unexpected rebranding, taking the social media world by storm.

Here are some of Twitter’s most hilarious memes:

Several memes have expressed support for Twitter’s legendary blue bird:

Twitter users have also commented on Elon Musk’s strange obsession with the letter “X”.

And finally, several Twitter users have humorously commented on the long-term effects of Elon Musk rebranding Twitter.