An X user criticized Mamaearth’s products for their poor quality, sparking similar criticism across social media. CEO Ghazal Alagh has responded to these complaints to defend the brand.

Sharing a photograph of Mamaearth products, social media user Aditi wrote, ““If you see these products anywhere, immediately pick them up, throw them in the dustbin, and run away.”

Aditi’s post provoked a massive reaction on social media with other users chiming in with similar experiences.

Hey Ghazal the quality of your mamaearth products is really terrible to say the least. Tried a lot of products but none met my expectations. It’s better u focus on Dr Sheth and The Derma Co, personally using Sunscreens and face washes for a good 2 years now quality is top notch,” a user commented.

Another user pointed out the alleged declining quality of the brand over time. “They maintained good quality only in the beginning but not anymore. I got my skin burnt by using Mama Earth’s hair remover cream.. and had to get treated by a dermatologist. Not only this almost all the products are more in chemicals than natural.”

CEO Ghazal Alagh has replied to these criticisms on the same platform. Expressing her disappointment for alleged negativity in the user’s post, she emphasized that she is willing to discuss any issues and is open to feedback.

However, Aditi hit back and insisted that her feedback was genuine, emphasizing her desire to share honest feedback and pointing out the similar criticisms of Mamaearth in the comments.

Hey Ghazal, I’m glad that you finally woke up too,” she wrote. “How is sharing honest feedback hateful? As I said, you guys can’t handle honest reviews. You are being defensive here, but I’m glad that you are ready to address the issue. This is not just my experience alone, if you check people have said the same thing. Their experience has been the same. And I have already shared my concerns and issues about the products. And I hope now you will listen to the concerns and problems of others like me and try to fix them.”

X user Aditi’s post has garnered over 4.8 million views till date.