Thread’s audience is still only 22% the size of Twitter’s.


Twitter’s rival Threads saw soaring success after its initial launch, crossing over 100 million users in just five days and becoming the fastest-growing app in the world. With such a promising start, it was widely believed that Elon Musk’s Twitter had finally met its match.

However, a new report by data-tracking site¬† Similar Web claims that Thread’s usage has dropped by half in just a week’s time.

Soon after it first launched, on July 7th, Threads had more than 49 million daily users on Android across the world. However, July 14th, just a week later, this number had down to just 23.6 million active users. Similarly, the average amount of time US spent on Threads has dropped in just four 4 days, from around 20 minutes on 6th July to just a little over 8 minutes on July 10th.

What’s more, the report says that Thread’s audience is only around 22% the size of Twitter’s.

This data evidently indicates that despite the initial excitement it provoked, Threads is nowhere near the level of success it hoped for, and social media users who were eager to sign up are not as eager to continue using it. Whether this is due to Thread’s own flaws, such as the inability to delete a Threads account without deleting an Instagram account as well, or the loyalty and familiarity Twitter users, or a mix of both, is difficult to judge, but one thing is clear:¬†Twitter is not so easy to replace.