Instagram has introduced a new interactive sticker called, “Message to reveal“, where you can ask your followers to send you a message to see what you have posted.

Applying the “Message to reveal” sticker creates a blur effect over your story, and remains blurred for viewers until they send you a message through the sticker’s prompt. Soon after, the mysterious underlying photo will be revealed to them.

Here’s how you can get the “Message to reveal” sticker:

  • Open Instagram and create a new story.
  • Tap on the sticker icon (square smiley face) located at the top of the screen.
  • Search for the “Reveal” sticker from the sticker menu and select that option.
  • Position and resize the sticker as per your requirements.

However, it’s important to remember that the sticker itself will not disappear after the reveal. Instead, it will remain over the image even after content is unblurred. Thus, the sticker needs to be placed carefully.

Instagram’s “Message to reveal” is a must-have feature that reveals who actually engages with your stories and who doesn’t. Additionally, it is also a beneficial way to boost your follower engagement rate, especially if you belong to the content creation industry.

Along with the “Message to reveal” sticker, Instagram has additionally introduced three new stickers for stories: “Frames,” “Cutouts,” and “Add Yours Music.” These new features are designed to enhance the engagement of story creation on the social media site.