Godrej Interio captures the hearts of Indian families through their newly launched campaign, “Welcome to the Family”. Aptly titled, this campaign is a series of five films which showcase a charming slice-of-the-life take on a quintessential Indian family.

The twist? It’s narrated by the family’s furniture.


Created by Supari Studios, the “Welcome to the Family” films are a wholesome and captivating blend of playfulness and warmth which attempt to play on their viewers’ emotions by capturing the relaxed domesticity of typical Indian households. By showcasing family members of all ages and dynamics enjoying themselves, the films cleverly display their furniture’s unique features and how well-suited they are to the lifestyle, comfort and needs of Indian families. The contemporary and multifunctional purposes of the furniture are also emphasized, which highlights how useful it can be to strengthen the magic of everyday connections.

The key message that Godrej Interio wishes to convey to the audience is that their superior furniture does not just provide comfort and convenience to the household but can eventually become an actual part of the family.

Godrej Interio’s “Welcome to the Family” series, consists of 5 videos and will be available in 5 regional languages – Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu – in addition to Hindi and English. It will primarily be available on YouTube and Godrej’s social media platforms.