Domino’s Pizza took event marketing to a whole new level with their latest fiery “on-ground” activation event in Gurgaon.

Focused on their new range of spicy “Red Hot” pizzas, Domino’s Pizza planned an electrifying spectacle. They created a blazing pizza slice billboard that captured the attention of locals and captivated all those who passed by. To make the scene even more dramatic, the fire tender who arrived at the scene doused the smoke in a theatrical show of water jets, which symbolizing Domino’s spectacular mastery over spice and heat.



That wasn’t all. As a continuation of this eye-catching on-ground activation, bike-bound delivery riders rode through the city streets with smoke training from their delivery boxes. This clearly demonstrated Domino’s Pizza’s commitment to delivering their Spicy Range right on time to their customers’ doorsteps.

This on-ground activation event officially marked the exciting launch of Domino’s latest spice-infused pizza range, the “Red-Hot Pizza”, which includes four distinct flavours: Blazing Onion & Paprika, Fier Jalapeno & Paprika, Fiery Sausage & Paprika and Blazing Chicken & Paprika.

 By providing a sensory feast and dazzling spectacle to their audience, Domino’s Pizza sought to excite their potential customers with the promise of their delicious new pizzas. Judging by the overwhelming buzz that has spread across the country, it’s safe to say that their campaign was a resounding success.