“See Coca-Cola and Marvel assemble as you’ve never seen them before to come to the rescue of a comic book store employee.”

Coca-Cola and the Walt Disney Company have announced a new collaboration of powerhouses: “Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes”. This unique partnership will see Marvel Comics’ most beloved characters feature on Coca-Cola bottles and cans, revolutionizing their iconic packaging.

Launching across 50 countries, this collaboration showcases a magnificent array of heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, each depicted in a white, red and black color scheme. Each can also boasts a scannable feature and offers consumers an augmented reality experience via Coca-Cola’s website.

A key aspect of this campaign is Coca Cola x Marvel’s new TV spot, where Marvel superheroes come to the rescue of a woman who’s apparently put the comic world in danger. Leading the group is Daredevil, aided by fellow heroes Falcon, Black Widow and Colossus, who defeat the nefarious Juggernaut hellbent on destroying the entire Marvel world. While this takes place, Deadpool munches on popcorn on the side.

Coca-Cola x Marvel: The Heroes also offers fans yet another incentive: the chance to win a range of exciting new prizes, including exclusive experiences such as Disney Cruise trips, the Ultimate Fan Experience, movie screenings, memorabilia, collectable influencer boxes, and subscriptions to Disney +.

Fans have taken to social media to express their delight with the collaboration.

This collaboration builds on previous partnerships between Coke and Marvel, including a Super Bowl ad in 2016, and Coca-Cola’s even longer relationship with Disney, spanning around 6 decades. Their latest collaboration, spearheaded by GUT, with support from Coca-Cola’s other agency partners including Ogilvy, BCW and WPP Open X, is the latest and boldest of all ventures.

Coca-Cola x Marvel’s collaboration is backed by an expansive and dynamic global campaign, spanning television, cinema, digital platforms, and out-of-home advertising.