Bisleri, India’s leading packaged drinking water brand, partners with The Ultimate Table Tennis as the official hydration partner for the next two years as part of their #CarryYourGame campaign. The Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT), India’s premier table tennis tournament, will take place from July 13 to 30th in Pune, Maharashtra.

As the official hydration partner, Bisleri will play an important role throughout the by ensuring that the participants and attendees alike stay hydrated during the intense tournament. This significant move will undoubtedly positively reinforce Bisleri’s brand image by simultaneously emphasising its commitment to providing the country with safe drinking water and its increasing connection to the world of sports and endurance. 

Bisleri and UTT’s partnership extends beyond Bisleri merely providing water. Co-branded Bisleri delivery trucks will apparently travel across the city, which will undoubtedly provoke excitement among teenagers and young adults.

Bisleri clearly aimed to add a personal touch to the partnership and #CarryYourGame campaign by featuring celebrated tennis players such as Manika Batra, Hana Matelova and Sharath Kamal Achanta on their limited-edition bottles.

This collaboration aligns perfectly with UTT’s goal to provide their athletes with the right hydration to enhance their performance. Ekansh Gupta, VP, IndianOil Ultimate Tennis, expressed their genuine enthusiasm for this collaboration, and this contentment is likely to be shared by sports lovers across the nation.