“A month-long extravaganza of self-expression, reflection and pure fabulousness.”

YouTube has announced a month-long celebration for Pride, which will see the platform highlight and honor some of its most influential creators within the LGBTQ+ community.

First off, YouTube will be showcasing LGBTQ+ creators on their YouTube’s spotlight channel, including vlogger Delaney Walsh, beauty creator GlamFam Hair & Beauty, and gamer heyKipp. The platform aims to highlight a range of other creators across the topics of art, food and lifestyle, seeking to amplify their contributions to the community.

YouTube is planning to showcase LGBTQ+ creators in OOH promos, as well as on its other social media profiles.

YouTube’s celebration also extends to shopping. “Buying from queer-owned businesses is a tangible action that fuels Creators and their missions”, they wrote. These creators include Larray for a new fragrance, Manny MUA for beauty products to serve fresh looks, and The Fitness Marshall’s epic exercises.

The platform will also be promoting a collection of curated shows and movies directed, written by, and starring LGBTQ+ self identified individuals on their very own YouTube TV!

Nor is YouTube’s celebration limited to a single social media handle. They will be broadcasting a range of Pride content on Instagram, TikTok and Shorts to keep their users engaged all-month long. Most strikingly, their @YouTubeCreators will feature LGBTQ+ creators the whole month, and will also have them share their admiration for the figures that have influenced, inspired and mentored them from the community.

Lastly, YouTube has hinted at a very special Pride surprise this month. They have asked their fans to check out the YouTube logo on June 11 for a “special takeover reflecting an incredibly artistic and influential YouTube community.”