Mumbai-based influencer Krutika, better known as @themermaidscales, became the only Indian influencer to attend Barbie’s pink premiere in Los Angeles.

With more than 7 million followers on Instagram, Krutika specializes in making comic and creative content, making her a good fit for the star-studded event. She expressed her excitement for the opportunity to be the sole representation of her country at the event and spoke of how she grew up watching Barbie movies as a child, with Barbie’s live action movie giving her a special and amazing chance to relive that experience as an adult.

Krutika shared a fabulous post on Instagram with a reel about her experience at the premiere. “Making every day a Barbie kind of day and feeling it,” she wrote on her post, adding, “A dream come true thanks to @nyxcosmetics_in! Living my best life in L.A”.


While Krutika definitely made her mark, she wasn’t the only Indian influencer to express enthusiasm for Barbie. Ever since the first trailer of the movie, “Barbiecore” has begun to shine across the world, with vibrant pink and all its other shades trending across the internet.

In India, several social media influencers have shown excitement for the movie, embracing Barbie’s glittering pink aesthetic through a flood of sparkling posts and reels. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Muskan Chanchlani:

Muskan joined the party organized by Malharfest and lived all her Barbie party dreams.

Prableen Kaur Bhomrah:

Prableen, India’s first skin positivity influencer, shared an Instagram post of her Barbie-inspired makeup. “In my Barbie era with all the feels,” she captioned it, adding a diamond emoji.


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Ishika Bhargava:Ā 

Ishika, a famous social media influencer, is also dancer, model, entrepreneur, and co-founder at For the launch of Barbie, she took to social media to share her excitement. She shared a choreography of a Bollywood song, captioning it “Bollywood Barbie”. She also posted a reel with gorgeous pink outfits witht he capton “Pick your dollā€™s outfit for the barbie movie premiere.

Leisha Patidar:

Leisha is a fashion influencer from Mumbai known for her transition reels. She created several posts and reels on Barbie: in the first video, she dressed up in a variety of pink outfits and acted over the voiceover of “Hi Barbie…Hi Ken”; in the second video, she flaunted a Barbie-inspired hairstyle; and in the third, she featured an Indian-inspired Barbie dressed in a beautiful pink lehenga.