What’s better than comedy and cricket?

Comedy and cricket collided this weekend at the Laugh Club where three teams – Chandigarh Challengers, Delhi Destroyers and Mumbai Maestros — competed against each other for the ultimate trophy.

Dhruv Bakshi, owner of The Laugh Club, came up with the brilliant idea of hosting a contest between the three teams, receiving support from cricket and comedy fans across the country.

The Laugh Club took to Instagram to post a teaser advertisement, prompting a flood of enthusiastic comments:

The Comedians Cricket challenge was hosted this weekend over the span of two days. On Saturday, September 23, three matches of 15 overs each were played. The top two teams fought the next day in a 20 overs match to decide the winner.

More than 50 comedians, including Anubhav Singh Bassi, Abhishek Upmanyu, Munawar Faruqui, Harsh Gujral, Samay Raina, Punit Pania and Aakash Gupta, took part in the event. Each of them being given the chance to roast each other publicly on stage.

This contest resulted in a spectacular victory for Mumbai Maestros, who claimed the ultimate trophy to the delight of all Mumbai residents.

This contest was not just meant for entertainment. It was a charity event where the cash amount of the winning team will be donated to an NGO called Initiators for Change.