Surf Excel has always boasted its creativity through strong narratives and fresh stories in its ads on every festive occasion. Their ads usually revolve around the central theme that if your clothes get stained whilst doing something good, then those are good stains.

As we approach the end of the holy month of Ramadan, we thought it would be a great time to throwback to some of the touching Ramadan ad campaigns by Surf Excel in India and Pakistan through the years.

1. 2016 – #MadadEkIbadat

This one shows us a young boy who gets oil stains on his shiny new white kurta in order to help an old man sell food when his cart unexpectedly gets stuck in a ditch.

2. 2017 – #NekiEkIbadat

This campaign features a child who runs off to his old and partially deaf uncle’s house early in the morning, soiling his clothes on the way, just to make sure that the old man wakes up on time and eats something before the day-long fast.

3. 2018 – #EkNekiRozana

This ad tries to tell us that it’s okay to get our clothes stained if that means we can spread joy during the holy month by cleaning the stains of old quarrels with our loved ones.

4. 2019 – #EesarEkIbadat

This one shows us a boy who runs past all sorts of obstacles, getting his clothes soiled in the process, only to carry the auspicious blessings safely to his friend who is about to have surgery.

5. 2020 – #NekiNahiRukegi

This year’s campaign is special because it shows young children trying to help out people who are struggling amidst the quarantine, just to put a smile on their faces, all while maintaining social distancing. It shows that if you possess the will to do good deeds, you will always find a way to do them.