The art of influencing is open to all, and this includes India’s grandparents. Rising to fame during lockdown with content ranging from fashion to food to the environment, India’s “Granfluencers” are taking the country by storm and proving that age is no barrier to success.

Let’s take a look at 5 such influencers:

Ravi Bala Sharma:

Are you interested in dancing? Then Ravi Bala Sharma, aka “Dancing Dadi”, is the influencer for you. Boredom during lockdown made her remember her dancing days, leading to a flood of Reels and videos on Instagram that delighted her followers.


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Gujju Ben na Nasta:

Popular known as “Baa” by her admiring followers, Urmila Jamnadas Asher is a cooking genius and was one of the top 16 contenders on MasterChef India’s Season 7. She now a YouTube channel with more than 18 million viewers, teaching her followers the art of cooking with several delicious recipees.


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Seema Anand:

Seema Anand focuses on sex education, breaking stereotypes and giving her followers valuable information along the way. She keeps her discussions interesting with several historic and cultural fables of love and pleasure.


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Vani Murthy, aka Worm Rani:

No one is doing it quite like Vani Murthy. A sustainability influencer, she teaches her followers sustainable urban farming, promotes small local businesses, and encourages and educates about straightforward ways to lead an eco-friendly life.


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Sheela Bajaj:

During lockdown, Sheela Bajaj, aka caughtcrafthanded, transformed her lifelong love of crochet into a business venture with the help of her granddaughter. Now, she is renowned for creating a vast collection of breathtaking knitting creations, including sweaters, pouches, accessories, earrings and home decor items.


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India’s ‘Granfluencers” have undoubtedly left their mark on social media, giving both Millennials and Gen Zs a run for their money. With skyrocketing followers and a colourful range of content, one hopes that they continue to enjoy success.