A deepfake video of actress Rashmika Mandanna went viral on social media, leading to widespread calls for legal action, including from superstar Amitabh Bachchan.

A video of what appeared to be the ‘Pushpa’ actress entering an elevator in a form-fitting dress spread through the internet like wildfire, sparking a flood of comments from fans and viewers on social media platforms, including X.

However, this video was eventually debunked by Abhishek Kumar, a journalist and fact checker at AltNews. Taking to X, he revealed that the video was a deepfake, and that the woman in question was not Rashmika Mandanna but was in fact a British influencer called Zara Patel. He also called the government to take strict legal action against people who use AI to cause harm and spread misinformation.

His explanation thread circulated across X and many other social media channels, gaining more than 17.9 million views till date. Many users strongly condemned the use of AI for such a purpose and voiced their concerns about the increasing trend of deepfakes.

Among the loudest voices was mega superstar Amitabh Bachchan. Retweeting the post, he also believed that they had a strong case for legal action.

This incident not only highlights the growing usage of AI in everyday society but also exposes the dangers and potential for misuse and misinformation that it brings.