“Never try to fix something that was never broken”

Prachi Nigam, the Class 10 UP Board topper who had faced relentless trolling over her facial hair, has been given a makeover by content creator Anish Bhagat.

Prachi’s case highlighted the grim reality faced by many young girls and women face today, particularly the unnecessary cruelty of unrealistic beauty standards. In a recent conversation with BBC Hindi, Prachi stated that comments did not affect her because what truly mattered were her grades, not her facial hair. However, she also admitted that, “If I had a few fewer marks, I would not have topped and got famous. Maybe that would have been better.”

Now, content creator Anish Bhagat travelled to Prachi”s home in Sitapur’s Mahmudabad to give her a “glow-up” makeover, sharing his experience with meeting her. He narrated her experience, highlighting her remarkable achievement over 55 lakh students and criticizing how people merely focused on her looks, resulting in her being bullied by the nation.

In the video, Prachi was seen having her nails painted, straightening her hair and applying mascara. However, making the big reveal of her glow-up makeover, Prachi remained unchanged, and that’s precisely what the content creator wanted people to know.

At the end of the video, she delivered a powerful message: “Dear women, don’t try to fix something that was never broken.”


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“I hope this shuts the trolls once and for all,” Anish wrote. “This is for anyone and everyone filled with insecurities and has been waiting for a glow up. You all deserve to treat yourself a little better. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

With over 4 million views on Instagram till date, the video is making rounds all across social media with praise from users. “Two humans with the brightest inner glow!” one user wrote. “Her acceptance and belief to be comfortable on our own skin is an inspiration for all of us,” another commented.