Mr Beast becomes the first individual YouTuber to hit 200 million subscribers on the global platform.

Mr Beast, aka James Stephen Donaldson, took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his excitement, announcing that: “We’ve hit 200,000,000 subscribers!”

He is now the second most-followed YouTuber in the world, rapidly closing in on the current leader, T-series, with more than 250 million subscribers.

Mr Beast is known for creating adventurous and self-act videos which have gained immense appreciation and a vast following. Last year, in July 2022, he hosted a special livestream to celebrate reaching 100 million followers. Later, he vowed to become the most followed YouTube account soon. Over the next 15 months, his following rapidly doubled, leading to his current triumph.

Several followers and fans remarked on how extraordinary his follower count was, with one of them marveling, “200 million subs that’s almost as many as the population of some countries. Or is it already more?”

Mr Beast’s Instagram following is equally Goliathan, standing at 42 million, and only set to skyrocket from there.