Argentina has won their third World Cup! It was a glorious moment for their country and a happy one for us who had been cheering on the #Argentina throughout the tournament.

In this age of social media, the internet is the ultimate buzzword. With all the excitement thats been surrounding the World Cup, brands have hopped onto the trending topic and released creatives that are keeping the fans interested.

BYJUs also starts a conversation about India’s place in world football, while Amul celebrates the victory of the world cup champions.

There are now dozens of brands that have used humour in their posts for Argentina’s win as a way to increase their moment marketing game.

It’s a winning strategy because customers are more likely to believe in your products when they feel like they’re being won over with humour rather than just prices and bullet points.

Here’s a look at the top FIFA creatives for 2022-

1) Netflix India

2) BookMyShow

3) Durex India

4) Adidas India