Navratri is one of India’s most iconic festivals, full of light, laughter and the most colorful outfits. Who better to celebrate it than some of India’s most famous creators?

This year, Dhruv and Shyam aka the dynamic duo Funcho have teamed up with “Navratri queen” Falguni Pathak to host an unforgettable night of love and celebration that would light the creator industry on fire.

To get the excitement rolling, Funcho sent out red invite boxes to the creator community to invite them for the fabulous event, and also extended the opportunity for fans to be able to attend the Garba night along with the influencers they admire.

On October 17th, creators dazzled the Late Shri Pramod Mahajan Sport Complex to celebrate Navratri with the trio. Some creators included Nagma Mirajkar, Sakshi Keswani, Dipraj Jadhav, Viraj Ghelani, Mohammed Ali Mirajkar, Vrushali Jawale, Nick (Beyounick), Simran Dhanwani, and Naveen Sharma, among many, many others.

But what’s Garba night without the Garba queen? To complete the celebration, Falguni Pathak sang some of her classics like Mein Payal Jo Chankayi to the delight of the partygoers and audience, making their night one to remember.

Funcho took to Instagram to share a few memories of their night, with the caption, “Garba night to remember forever. This is the second year in a row where we could arrange a garba night for our creator friends at @showglitznavratri along with @falgunipathak12 ma’am. Nothing makes us more happy to see the happiness all around, seeing our fans playing right next to us.”


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This isn’t the first time Funcho and Falguni Pathak have come together. Last year the dynamic duo, or we should say the trio, created a blast within the industry and social media by hosting a fabulous Garba night. But in 2023, their celebration was bigger, better and brighter than ever before, showcasing the growing glamour and extravagance of the creator world in India.