Popular Czech Republic influencer and TV host Kamil Bartoshek, astonished and delighted people by dropping a staggering sum of one million dollars from a helicopter near Lysa nad Labem.

Kamil Bartoshek, aka Kazma, initially planned to give the enormous amount to a single winner of a devised contest. The challenge for the participants was to decipher a code hidden in Kazma’s film ‘Onemanshow. Unfortunately, the puzzle was too difficult to solve.

Kazma then came up with an alternate plan and decided to divide the money among all the contestants who signed up. He sent them an email at around six in the morning with encrypted information about where he would drop the money. Keeping his promise, he arrived at the designated spot with a grand helicopter.

He took to Instagram to share the thrilling video with the caption, “The first real MONEY RAIN in the world! $1.000.000 dropped from a helicopter in the Czech Republic and no one has died or got injured.”


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As money rained from the sky, thousands of people rushed to collect them and had managed to do so in less than an hour. Some of them even bought umbrellas to grab as much money as possible. However, according to Kazma, about 4000 people only collected one-dollar bills.

Noticeably, each banknote was equipped with a QR code with a link to an online platform where winners could donate their money to charity.