Yashraj Mukhate and Shravani Sharma have teamed up yet again to star in a new ad for Milton Homewares.

With summer almost over, and most children and teenagers preparing to go back to school, Milton has created a new campaign, “Milton liya kya” to promote their products,

The ad opens with Shravani and her mother in a store, with the young girl expressing her reluctance to go back to school without a Milton bottle. Overhearing them from the background, Yashraj jumps in to turn it into a catchy rap and dance, promoting Milton’s various unique features in the process. Shravani joins in with newfound enthusiasm and ultimately succeeds in getting her Milton bottle in the end.

Turning Milton bottles & lunchboxes into jukeboxes!” Yashraj wrote, posting the ad on his Instagram account. He emphasized how it was his second collaboration with Shravani and asked fans to let him know what they think.


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Yashraj and Shravani’s collab with Milton has received over 545k views on Instagram till date. Their friends and social media followers also expressed delight in the new initiative.

“Legend,” Tanmay Bhatt complimented. “Creativity is on point,” another wrote. “Amazing Track.”

Milton’s bottles now come in 75+ colors and are available on www.milton.in, as well as at stores near you.