Actor and travel-vlogger Shenaz Treasury has announced the launch of her new book, “All He Left Me Was a Recipe”.

This book is a delightful blend of fact and fiction, of autobiography and cookbook, and revolves around all the men who have been a part of Shenaz’s life, or influenced her in some way. Their roles range from best friends to lovers to teachers to fathers to sons to boyfriends, from when she was 3-years-old to this very moment. They include her first kiss, her first break-up, and the awkward moments in-between. Her stories range from funny to profound to heartbreaking and are a candid collection of personal stories and accounts, including pages of her own diary.

Taking to Instagram to share a colorful photograph of herself with the book, she wrote, “This book is to remind you and me that there’s always a next chapter ;)”

For a delightful finale, Shenaz shares a final recipe at the end of the book, a culinary gem passed down from her friends.

The book will be released on 29 December, almost in time for New Year. Pre-order the book here.