From ‘Aam Zindagi’ to ‘Mazedaar Zindagi’.

Mentos has collaborated with the internet’s newest sensation, Orry by bringing back their entertaining ‘Yeh hai Aam Zindagi. Yeh hai Mentos Zindagi’ ads with a fabulous twist.

Conceptualized by Schbang, this 30-second Instagram video depicts Orry’s frustration as he struggles with back-to-back interviews and podcasts that he has to do after gaining widespread fame. The iconic lines ‘Aam Zindagi, Routine mein phasi’ play in the background.

Orry then spots Mentos packs in the interviewer’s desk and ends up relishing a strawberry-favoured candy. Hit with a burst of newfound energy and enthusiasm, he poses for several magazine covers with the lyrics ‘Mentos Kha Liya, Bani Mast Zindagi’ playing in the background.


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As one of India’s newest viral sensations, with a host of advertisements, ventures, and appearances in popular reality TV shows like Koffee with Karan, Orry is the perfect fit to enhance the image of Mentos in the minds of consumers, specifically Gen Z. By tailoring it to fit the brand’s typical style and emphasizing the transformative and dynamic impact of the product in daily life, Mentos has succeeded in combining the old and the new.

This campaign is part of extended collaborations that Mentos has been recently conducting with some of the most vibrant internet personalities in order to enhance their brand image, including singer Jasleen Royal and Bollywood actor Palak Tiwari. In all these collaborations, celebrities are depicted as bored and dissatisfied with their daily life, only to be re-energized and brightened-up by consuming Mentos products.