‘From To’s’ Hindi version has been released starring popular creator Rida Tharana and transporting viewers to the late ’90s and early 2000s.

‘From To’ is a captivating music video made in Tamil, Malayalam, and now released in Hindi. Directed by Charlie, it stars Addis Akkara and Sree Lakhsmi alongside Rida Tharana and is a beautiful visual tale that explores love lost and found through heartfelt, poignant letters. With a narrative of dedicating letters on TV programs, it weaves together a breathtaking story.

The Maathan musical deserves credit for the soulful and haunting musical composition, allowing viewers to relive a nostalgic era where love was expressed through handwritten words and beautiful melodies.

‘From To’ has been released on ‘The Cave’s YouTube channel. The video has already received several warm compliments on YouTube. “This is just the beginning @Rida..many milestones the go..good luck” one user wrote.