Content creator Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as ‘Foodpharmer’ has launched a bold new initiative titled ‘Label Padhega India’ that encourages people to read the labels of everyday packaged foods sold in India. He believes that this will force major companies to stop false marketing claims and start providing their customers with better quality products.

‘Label Padhega India is a health movement to fight against all the food scandals happening in India!” he wrote. Every week we hear of a new food issue such as the Baby formula, Children’s health drink, Indian chips having Palm oil and the Masala-cancer issue. If majority of us started reading labels, companies will be forced to stop false marketing and start giving us better quality food! Let us all unite and transform India from the Diabetes Capital of the world to the Health Capital of the World!”


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Details of the challenge:

  • Upload a story or a post with a label
  • Challenge 3 more people to do the same.
  • Tag food pharmer if you want me to repost (optional).
  • Use the Label Padhega India music which is available on Instagram music library

Revant has also roped in a number of celebrities and influencers like Archana Puran Singh, Dinesh Karthik, Terrence Lewis, Ankur Warikoo, Abhinav Bindra, Masoom Minawala among many others.

“Get your kids, friends, office colleagues to participate in this challenge! I will also give some gifts to 100+ people and personally meet some people who do these challenge!” he added.

Who is Foodpharmer?

Revant Himatsingka rose to fame last year when he posted a video on his social media accounts claiming that there was an excessive amount of sugar in Mondelez India’s Bournvita. Despite the company sending him a legal notice, millions of people had already viewed the video, causing a nationwide stir. The impact of the video was so explosive that it forced Bournvita to revise the sugar content in its products. Since then, FoodPharmer’s videos have helped in educating people about the actual quality of products being sold by giant FMCG brands in India.

Apart from Bournvita, he has also taken on Lay’s and emphasized that it uses Palm oil for its chips in India while it doesn’t in the United States. Just a few weeks later, Lay’s issued a public statement that it had begun the process of replacing palm oil with a healthier alternative in India. He also targeted companies like Maggi for making false claims that its atta noodles include fiber that’s equivalent to three rotis, and instead highlighted how the fiber amount is very negligible. Recently, Himatsingka has highlighted the amount of sugar that is added in baby cereals of giant FMCG brands in India.