Content creator and social media personality Kusha Kapila’s latest show, Dehati Ladke, has recently premiered on Amazon. The series portrays the story of a young boy, Rajat, who moves to Lucknow from a small village to pursue his dreams.

Kusha, who plays the role of a teacher called Chhaya in the series, recently opened up about her own personal experience of moving to Mumbai from Delhi.

She said: “Moving to Mumbai has been fantastic. I’m not a stranger to the city, considering I’ve been working here for the last three to four years. But it’s very fast-paced as compared to Delhi. People are workaholics here. I think I’m a different person when I’m in Mumbai. I’m very charged and always on my toes. However, whenever I go back to Delhi, I like to take things a little slow. I like to strike that balance between both cities. I now have a little bit of Delhi and a little bit of Mumbai in me and my entire personality. My experience in Mumbai has been amazing. I love the people here. I love that it’s so safe for women.”

She also gave helpful advice for people who move to busy metro cities from their hometowns, suggesting that they should go for long walks in their new city, find a little about of your old city in the city you’re moving into, try new food, and be open to new experiences. She also emphasized how one should normalize the idea of enjoying your own company.

Kusha Kapila has also opened up about her college experience and shared, “My experience in college was truly remarkable. Initially, I pursued my English honors at IP College for Women, which is affiliated with Delhi University. Subsequently, I enrolled in NIFT to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Leather Design. Undoubtedly, the most enriching part of my college journey was the knowledge and skills I acquired there. During my time at Delhi University, I actively participated in drama and dramatics, which profoundly impacted my personal growth. It taught me the importance of friendship and love”.

She added that she had the “cocktail experience” of being a young person in a university, and went through a very protective environment and open cultural shift. Since she has always been a city girl, and moved from one city to the other, she didn’t feel a culture shock quite like coming from a small town. But, having realized that she was independent, she could make adult choices, which was “fantastic”.

Watch the trailer for Dehati Ladke below: