“Rollercoaster of a journey”

The much-anticipated trailer for Amazon miniseries Dehati Ladke has finally been released!

“Dehati Ladke Season 2 is back. While Season 1 portrays a strong bond between Rajat, his friends, and his love Prerna, Season 2 tests his true self as he loses everyone he ever loved, including his parents and mentors Prashant and Chaya. This rollercoaster of a journey will witness how Rajat deals with his emotional turmoil and leaves the audience wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel”,” the caption of the trailer read.

Starring Shine Pandey as its protagonist, Rajat, the series also features Raghav Sharma, Tanish Neeraj, Saamya Jainn, Aasif Khan, along with popular Indian content creator, Kusha Kapila, who plays the role of Chaaya.

Released a day ago, the trailer has already garnered more than 4 million views and a flood of praise and excitement on YouTube. “Very excited for season 2,” one user wrote. “I completed season 1 just yesterday and I can’t believe season two released now!” another commented.

The second season of Dehati Ladke is expected to stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV on January 12.