“Kickstart the festive mood with this colourful performance”

Coke Studio Bharat has dropped a remixed version of its iconic “Holi Re Rasiiya” featuring upbeat vibes and a star-studded cast of digital creators.

After making India dance to its iconic beats last year, the studio has brought back ‘Holi Re Rasiya’ is with Maithili Thakur, Seedhe Maut and Mahan Sehgal to throw the most dazzling party on the internet. To make its celebrations even more colourful, internet sensations Sonal Devraj, Saransh Goila, Saloni Gaur, Kashika Sisodia and Abhi Badarshahi have all joined in for the music video.

Originating from the bhajan, ‘Holi Re Rasiya’ has been reimagined and recreated through a combination of high energy and classic folk authenticity, leading the way for Holi.

Coke Studio Bharat first provoked the interest of its followers with a colourful post:

After provoking excitement, it dropped a vibrant bombshell with the release of its epic, colourful and flamboyant music video featuring a host of captivating creators.

The music video has received 187k views till date with a host of praises for all those involved. “A wonderful Holi song of 2024,” one user wrote. “Last year they released studio MV and now thi Holi special Video….This is the fusion we need,” another complimented.