In the unpredictable world of fashion, one name stood out above the rest in 2023. BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, was hailed above all for his distinctive style and glamorous impact.

This revelation came through the influencer marketing platform Lefty’s “2023: A Year in Data”, an analysis on this year’s fashion trends which was recently released on December 7th.

Despite his account being less than three years old with a comparatively modest follower count (62.7 million) and sporadic posting, and despite not participating in any fashion week or attending any fashion shows, he has ranked higher than anyone else. This makes his achievement all the more extraordinary.

Taehyung was ranked as the #1 male fashion influencer of 2023 and holds 3rd position overall, with a total of 265 EMV (Estimated Media Value). He has an extraordinary engagement rate of 20.6, surpassing all the other influencers listed.

The idol’s influence extended far beyond the digital realm, gracing the covers of four esteemed fashion magazines – ELLE Korea, W Korea, Arenna HOMME+ Korea, and POP Magazine – which showcased his impactful presence. Moreover, his brand ambassadorship for CELINE and CARTIER also emphasize his