It may be difficult to admit, being a content creator can get very challenging at times. With constant pressure to perform and be at your best, it can get taxing for one’s mental health, made worse by the fact that such topics are often considered taboo in India.

However, some content creators have openly spoken about their mental health issues, addressing them with sensitivity and consideration. Whether or not this was their intention, their words will undoubtedly be helpful to their numerous followers.

Here are 5 such content creators:


Dolly Singh often talks about how she faces body-image issues due to negative comments on social media and sometimes in real life. She also spoke about how she dealt with depression during the pandemic, and considered therapy. This aided her in dealing with these issues and understanding herself much better. After her sessions, she said, “Now, I am in a better space”.



Blogger Komal Panday has also shared her experiences with mental health by talking about how being body-shamed on social media, and was also exposed to lots of negative comments. Furthermore, on an Instagram post in May, 2020, she opened up about how her personal life deeply impacted her mental health, and how she was eventually diagnosed with clinical anxiety.

In her Instagram post, she said: “After my 2nd failed relationship, I began therapy. I was diagnosed with clinical anxiety & put on medication. After a year & much internal work, I was a changed person. I was a pushover but finally, I felt confident to just be me.” 



Actress and influencer Prajakta Koli has also spoken out about the negative impact social media can have on one’s mental health. She discussed how posting on social media doesn’t always come naturally to her, and how it can occasionally get very tiresome, although discipline helps her get through it. She tries her best to make sure that her mental health is not directly impacted by ehr work.

“I also have put myself through that discipline where I make sure that it doesn’t get to me because as a content creator, my mental health, I mean, as a person, my mental health is of utmost importance.”



Vishnu Kaushal is well-known for his fantastic fashion line and relatable content on social media. In an Instagram post in May, he elaborated on his anxiety and how getting therapy helped him deal with it. He also opened up on how fame and success aren’t always gateways to happiness and don’t always take away difficult feelings.

In his post, he said: “I feel most of what life has become is an art of unlearning core (often toxic) beliefs and letting go parts of you that you want to protect the most.”



Kusha Kapila has regularly talked about mental health and the need to address it by showing empathy to more people. In an interview in 2022, she spoke about her diagnosis with depression and ADD, along with the difficult impact it had on her. She also emphasised how internet trolls – common for influencers – can create a very negative self-image for anyone.

She said: “I was diagnosed with high-functioning depression and ADD. All my life, I have been made to feel bad for being messy and zoning out, even by my peers. But it’s so odd, many women diagnosed my ADD much before I found out, based on my behaviour online.”