Bhuvan Bam, who started his career as a struggling musician, becomes India’s richest YouTuber with an astonishing net worth.

India has a variety of glamorous creators, yet Bhuvan Bam stands out above the rest. He has managed to rise to fame as a popular influencer and has now claimed the title of the richest YouTuber of India with a mindboggling net worth of Rs. 122 crores.

Bhuvan Bam is a rare example of a success story. Hailing from Gujarat, he began his unexpected journey to fame as a budding musician, singing in small cafes and restaurants in Delhi and standing in lines for reality TV show competitions. According to past interviews and reports, he used to earn Rs. 5000 a month.

Bam shot to fame with a parody video from Kashmir, where a journalist was seen asking insensitive questions to a person who lost their home in the floods. The video showcasing his dynamic skills as a comedian and media personality, and it was an upward swing from there.

Soon after that, Bam launched his “BB Ki Vines” series where he posted short, hilarious videos playing characters of his family and friends with witty, amusing commentary. BB Ki Vines was an instant hit with his followers skyrocketing, and the rest is history. Till date, it has more than 26 million subscribers.

Currently, due to a combination of his YouTube revenue, movie roles, and brand and endorsement deals, Bhuvan Bam has garnered USD 15 million (Rs. 122 crores).