Ashish Chanchlani, one of India’s earliest and most famous content creators, has hit a landmark of 30 million followers on YouTube.

Ashish took to his Instagram to share the news of his Big 30 in a heartwarming post. He thanked his wonderful team, promising that after this spectacular milestone, they will be bac stronger than ever, and said: “Know this hum aapse bahut pyaar karte and aap hi ki wajah se yaha par hai. Ye aaj bhi sapna lagta hai. 3 C R O R E.”


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This victory cements his status as one of India’s most famous content creators and highlights how far his journey has bought him.

Hailing from Ulhasnagar, a small town in Maharashtra, he began posting on YouTube in 2009 by creating videos ranging from parodies of popular songs to comedy sketches. His relatable, unique and family-friendly content quickly gained attention, establishing his reputation and skyrocketing his followers. In the famous Cannes Film Festival 2019, held in France, Ashish was awarded the title of “Best Comedy Influencer”, showcasing how global and devoted his fanbase is.

Nor is he just a content creator: he has also expanded his reach and has directed a horror short film called ‘Aakhri Safar’, which received much acclamation from fans.

Thus, his accomplishment marks a significant milestone in the Indian creator economy and is the clearest example of its soaring, limitless potential.