Amazon miniTV’s upcoming web series ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ is set to feature three rising influencers – Apoorva, Aaron Koul and Ankita Sahigal.

Created by The Viral Fever (TVF), the light-hearted story revolves around Dr. Vidushi, a passionate fresher OB-GYN who navigates her professional and personal life. While free-spirited, it explores the challenges faced by women in healthcare. Popular creator Aaron Koul will be playing one of Dr. Vidushi’s closest friends, Mehr.

The trailer has just released, promising its audience an exciting new series full of laughter, friendship and fun.


Apoorva (aka the Rebel Kid), Aaron and Ankita have all shared the exciting news on their Instagram stories and posts and have received a flood of supportive compliments from their friends and followers for their on-screen debuts.

The presence of three up-and-coming influencers on a web series is not surprising. As influencers continue to make waves across the country, their roles are increasingly expanding beyond social media into the wider world of entertainment. ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ will particularly focus on Aaron Koul as one of its three main leads, which will be sure to boost their viewership due to his followers and personable appeal.

‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ is set to stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV from September 28, 2023.