Zolo Declares Itself ‘Use-less’ In Their Earth-Day Campaign

22 April, 2022 (Friday)

Zolo, a co-living brand in India, has offered convenient, affordable and comfortable living solutions since 2015. The app-based technology platform operates in over 10 cities and has witnessed an expansion in reach over the past 5 years. 

The brand recently released a praiseworthy campaign on the occasion of Earth Day. The campaign focuses on shedding light on the overuse of items that are obtainable in abundance. 

Rishi Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, Zolo commented, “The campaign idea encourages our strong kinship for shared spaces, shared living and resourceful use of shared utilities. Since everything is available in such abundance nowadays, we usually end up binge buying or only because I wish to “own” things for the sake of owning. The current generation thinks differently. With this campaign, we are not only showcasing this but also aligning ourselves with the same belief. With a firm belief in a shared economy, we are honoured to be driving this change. We encourage people to be use-less in a positive manner and inculcate the habit of using resources judiciously.”

The idea of sharing rather than ‘owning’ everything merely due to its availability has been illustrated to focus on the bigger picture of preserving rather than going loose on the usage. 

View the campaign-

This concept has been positively expressed to the audience in Zolo’s latest campaign that was released on Instagram. Titled ‘Use-less’, the movement has an attractive wordplay that inclines people towards being mindful and using only the amount required. 

The campaign also markets itself with #ProudlyUseless and takes a quirky turn on the generic Earth Day creatives. Through their recent campaigns, Zolo has shown exemplary footprints in social responsibility and safety initiatives. The Use-less campaign is another addition to Zolo’s endeavour to encourage the idea of a shared economy.