When Amazon Prime Left The Nation Looking For Two Alphabets

04 February, 2021 (Thursday)

Amazon Prime Video’s most recent Ad campaign where they pulled out “ME” from their highly familiarised logo, sought maximum attention from netizens.

The OTT platform started off with this ad stunt on a Monday morning, and it didn’t take a lot of time for #WhereIsME to go viral. It left a lot of users wondering if it was a technical glitch. Social media was flooded with anxious users inquisitive to what smart marketing trick was up Prime’s sleeves this time. Quite a few people went across all the social media platforms to see if Instagram was the only platform facing such a glitch, but it was quite shocking when they realised that Amazon Prime Video’s gimmick of removing “ME” from its logo was constant for all social media platforms. Apart from this the audience checked if their favourite shows were still there, or if they had also been pulled out. It was a sigh of relief when they noticed that it was only the “ME” that was removed and everything else was in its proper place.

Such a social media stunt made netizens develop their own theories, and the word was in the form of stories and posts. The comment section was flooded with all sorts of questions. For some it was a new series' promotional campaign, for some it was a new movie commercial, and that the title had something to do with “ME”.

But Amazon played its cards well and didn’t drop any hints. In the past, Amazon Prime Video has given such surprises by coming up with such innovative campaigns, but this time they hit the mark really well. Some of the Indian brands took this as an opportunity and didn’t leave a chance of expressing their astonishment by coming up with creative ad campaigns, questioning Amazon as to “WhereisME”. The brands which played along were DUNZO, Dominos, Parle-G, Pepsi, TheSouledStore, Tinder, Zomato and Zostel. Each brand got the attention of their customers and made sure they got along with the trend.

Finally, Amazon Prime Video gave out the secret behind removing “ME” from their logo and bio. Just like their competitor, Netflix, has launched a mobile edition for their users. Amazon Prime Video announced the same on their Instagram first by posting a creative which said “WhereisME”, followed by the mobile app announcement creative. The caption of the announcement post was, “Announcing the worldwide-first launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition in India! Mobile-only access to all Amazon Originals, movies and shows. Mobile Edition (ME) will be available starting today for @airtelindia prepaid customers! This is Prime Video built for ME. #PrimeVideoME”.

Yet again, Amazon Prime Video ruled everyone out in becoming the trendsetter, and received an unbelievable number of participations in the campaign from quite a few brands.