Tide Asks People To Make Time For Their Families With #TideForTime

08 July, 2021 (Thursday)

The pandemic has left families inside their houses 24x7, making it the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with their loved ones and share an even deeper bond with each other. However, with office-goers’ workload increasing day by day, submissions getting short by the minute, and constant housework,  people are finding it difficult to even talk to their family members, let alone spend time with them. 

Tide’s new campaign #TideForTime urges these people to look away from their screens for one minute and spend some invaluable time with their family members. 

The campaign shows a little girl, Pihu, eagerly trying to show her parents the drawing that she’s made of them but to no avail. Busy with office work and housework, her parents are unable to hold a conversation with her about her new art - leaving her heartbroken. Until, her grandmother calls her and praises her for the drawing she’s made, subsequently engaging in quality conversations with her. 

Soon enough, it’s time for the grandmother to leave and no one takes it as hard as Pihu. When her mother tells Pihu’s grandmother that Pihu is missing her too much, the grandmother rubbishes the claim and explains how time is invaluable and Pihu just wants to spend time with her parents until it’s too late. Her parents soon realize their mistake and the campaign ends with Pihu enjoying her time and making memories with her parents. 

According to Sharat Verma, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India, and Vice President, Fabric Care said, “During COVID, we have been limited to the confines of our homes. But this physical proximity has not necessarily led to a stronger emotional connection. Research shows 9 out of 10* people agree that COVID has made them realize the importance of togetherness. With #TideForTime, our endeavor is to bring to light a pertinent question, rendered even more important in the current context – ‘Are we spending our time on what’s really important?’. We also realize that families spend around 300^ hours every year doing laundry. This is also a reminder that by putting Tide to work and letting it deliver its superior cleaning, we can take some time for our lives and spend it on what we truly value – whether it is spending time with families, pursuing passions, finding some me-time or even exploring the entrepreneurial spirit. Because there’s only one thing more precious than our time, and that’s how we spend it.”