The Taboo Has Got To End. Period!

05 June, 2020 (Friday)

28th of May, which is regarded as World Menstrual Hygiene Day, is a day to spread awareness about menstruation, bust the myths around it and talk about menstrual hygiene. Even in this day and age, despite the fact that nearly half the population of the world goes through or has gone through periods every month, it is a topic of great taboo in several parts of the world. Due to the ignorance and lack of awareness around the topic, women become the target of discrimination, get made fun of and worst of all, suffer illnesses that could easily be prevented with basic hygiene measures. How something so natural and common ends up being such a deep taboo can certainly baffle the 21st-century mind, yet it’s real, it persists even among the educated and people are suffering.

Post For Change and Unicef India took to social media on this day and asked several Bollywood celebrities and social media influencers to post an image of themselves with a red dot on their palm along with the hashtag #RedDotChallenge. Soon the challenge began trending across social media and people of all genders began uploading posts for the same to raise awareness about menstruation and they also wrote about the importance of hygiene around it. The red dot boldly symbolises the blood women lose which has also been a topic of taboo even among makers of sanitary pads who find it fit to represent the same with a blue liquid in their commercials.

Humans bleed red and shying away from this only alienates the concept of menstruation in the society which is precisely why the Red Dot Challenge stands out. It does an audacious job of spreading awareness, especially among the younger generations.