The Relaunch of Brittania Milk Bikis'' takes on its main rival in its latest campaign

21 April, 2021 (Wednesday)

Britannia's milk cream biscuit company, Milk Bikis, has a new look. It's now made entirely of atta and boasts "doodh roti ki shakti."

The new Milk Bikis biscuit has been created as the ideal snacking ally for parents who want to provide their children with wholesome goodness without sacrificing taste. This latest biscuit has been made with the goodness of milk and now includes the added bonus of Atta, which is 100% Atta.

The launched campaign disparages its rivals and claims that children need more in their biscuits than just glucose. The campaign commences with Pankaj Tripathi handing his son a pack of Milk Bikis biscuits. He then who politely chastises another parent for feeding her child a "sadharan biskoot" for thirty seconds. Pankaj Tripathi in the campaign holds on to the statement that people, especially children, need wholesome nutrition rather than munching away at empty calories, which are provided by biscuits containing maida (flour). The pack held by the other parent resembles Parle-G, and the repeated use of the word "ji" in conversation is a dead giveaway to who the competitor might be.