Tata Play celebrates lifelong bonds made over TV with #InnConnectionsKeNaam

25 November, 2022 (Friday)

On the event of World TV Day, another sentimental campaign has come to light by Tata Play that has been conceptualised and developed by Chimp&Z Inc. 

The campaign touched the hearts of the viewers with its simplicity and the real-time happenings portrayed and cherished in a beautiful manner. 

The campaign #InnConnectionsKeNaam gets its name from the idea it delivers of TV being one of the most easiest and joyous sources of making connections with one another. 

In the film, two young boys, complete strangers, are seen bonding over their mutual love for TV, which eventually turns into a great friendship. The warm setting of the film with a soothing song completes the feel of this campaign. 

Commenting on the campaign, Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Play, said, “We believe television as a medium has the power to unite people. A show or content of common interest can bring two individuals or groups together to celebrate a shared emotion. Our campaign for World Television Day captures this essence beautifully through the lens of two kids who are strangers to each other. The response on the campaign has been very heartwarming. We are delighted that it struck a chord with the netizens.”

Angad Singh Manchanda, CEO & Co-founder, of Chimp&z Inc, said, "Over recent years, media time has become more individualized than ever, resulting in less quality time being spent watching TV with family and friends. To mark this World TV Day, we conceptualized #InnConnectionsKeNaam DVC for Tata Play to exemplify the warmth and connection that TV time can build. The endearing storyline of this campaign depicts how TV can foster lifelong bonds among individuals. Its soothing background music helps encompass the emotion of connecting with a stranger. The extraordinary audience involvement of the campaign attests to its success."

The tone, timings and all the elements put forth to make this film turned it into a successful campaign with over 9M engagements that keep increasing every hour on their Instagram handle.