Tata Cliq Celebrates the Love Between Siblings with the Longest Rakhi Ever

09 August, 2020 (Sunday)

The year 2020 has been a turbulent one with its lockdowns and social distancing norms that have kept people away from their loved ones. While people are scrounging for some positivity amid all the ups and downs, Tata Cliq came up with a wonderful campaign that rekindled the happiness in our hearts during Raksha Bandhan. Though many many of us couldn’t be with our loving brothers and sisters this year, Tata Cliq encouraged us to express our love for our siblings with ‘The Longest Rakhi Ever’ which also doubled as an exciting contest.

Not only did the contest bring people closer but also made genius use of social media features to create a really memorable experience for those who participated. The contest executed by the creative agency Social Beat realised a simple idea with a deep impact. It posted a left part and a right part of the rakhi and created a variety of dazzling centrepieces. The gimmick was effortless, you could chain as many left pieces and right pieces as you wanted on Instagram Stories to form a carousel. In each of those pieces, they implored users to write about how much their siblings mean to them and join the two sides with a delightful centrepiece of their choice. Users were asked to tag Tata Cliq and their sibling in these Looooooong Rakhi Stories and the 4 longest ones were given gift vouchers for Tata Cliq.

They first teased the campaign on their Instagram a few days before Raksha Bandhan with a systematic grid of posts that talked about breaking all records and tried to get some interaction between siblings. Then they posted a video about how to create the story carousel with the left and right pieces. On Raksha Bandhan, Tata Cliq got the longest UGC rakhi ever which was 15,601 Stories long. The longest Rakhis among these were 1120, 1075, 937 and 829 Stories long respectively.

Besides the incredible inflow of UGC, this campaign also helped in creating tremendous brand awareness and increasing interaction. The added incentive for users was not only the prize but also the joy of the whole experience that built on the nostalgia and subtle banter of sibling relationships during an uncertain time.